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San Sebastián, the European Capital of Culture 2016

21, November | GASTRONOMY - DESTINATIONS | 68 Comments
San Sebastián, the European Capital of Culture 2016

San Sebastian is an elegant town, with a shell-shaped beach, gourmet cuisine (home to two of the world's top 10 chefs) and a range of international film and jazz festivals.

Going out for "pinchos" (small dishes to try, like tapas) is an experience not to be missed. See the counters crammed with these little gastronomic gems. Sample them and feel the lively, busy atmosphere in the region's typical local bars - a unique experience.

But the city is not only gastronomy, the whole of San Sebastián oozes elegance and beauty. The secret for discovering its charms is to wander through its streets, parks and avenues. Strolling along its various promenades is a pleasure not to be missed.

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