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Events in Seville

Seville, the capital of Andalusia is certainly one of the most romantic places in Spain. Although today Moorish influence is architecturally most evident - Andalusia was occupied by Moors for about 800 years - it has been a cultural centre long before.

Seville is especially famous for its monumental and artistic heritage, of great beauty and historical importance. During two important World Fair's (1929 and Expo ‘92), these artistic landmarks increased in numbers beautifying even further the city.

Seville is not known only for its magnificent monumental and artistic heritage, but also for its cultural offer, gastronomy, folklore and traditions.

The most popular way to eat in this city is "ir de tapeo' or bar-hopping, eat a series of small dishes of food. Typical dishes include huevos a la flamenca (eggs with tomato sauce), gazpacho (cold, vegetable-based soup), rabo de toro(bull's tail), and pescaíto frito (fried fish) without forgetting the Spanish cured ham.

Accommodation and meeting facilities vary from traditional farmhouses, hotels to ultra modern venues with the latest technology. Expo ‘92 urban design set a standard of pride and impeccable functionalism found in projects such as the Exhibition Hall-Palace, the Santa Justa Train Station, or the international San Pablo Airport.

Sevilla has several important cities close with a huge richness in monuments, natural beauty, culture, history and tradition such as Jerez de la Frontera, known for the sherry and the Spanish dancing horses; Cordoba, a city where the three major religions left their traces in the past and of course the Parque Natural de Doñana (Doñana  Park), which lies between Huelva an Cádiz.

“Beautiful Seville, example of grandeur” Lope de Vega, Spanish poet and playwright (1562 – 1635)


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